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Before you make a formal decision that you wish us to act on your behalf, you are entitled to receive information about our services, professional charges and any other expenses associated with the conduct of your matter.

Our Services Include:


  • Migration Law research inclusive of Migration Act, Migration Regulations and policy

  • Professional Advice on preparation of relevant documents/Forms    

  • Copying and certification of documents as necessary

  • Resume' Preparation

  • Preparation, Completion and Lodgement of Skills Assessment

  • Preparation, completion and lodgement of primary application with the Department of Home Affairs

  • Application management and administration and necessary follow-up with the Department of Home Affairs


As Registered Migration Agents we are bound by ethical and legal requirements in relation to our professional conduct.  When dealing with us you will be provided a copy of the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) Consumer Guide for your convenience.


Our practice is fully committed to ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct

as issued by OMARA.  This Code of Conduct is intended to regulate the conduct of Registered Migration Agents by introducing a proper standard for the conduct of

business as a registered migration agent and establishing the minimum attributes and abilities that a person must demonstrate to perform as a Registered Migration Agent.  A copy of the Code is available upon request or accessible via this link:

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